$UAPC low float sub penny stock with potential breakout chart setup and NO DILUTION #oil #gas #petroleum



1- 321M OS
2- 200M float
5- $650K REVS




UAPC (United American Petroleum Corp) is a 100% real revenue producing company and a SEC audited filer with and OS of 321,867,909 shares with an AS of 750M. Float is around 250M minus the insider restricted shares. UAPC has NOT diluted even 1 share in almost two years if you go back and check all the 10k’s. Additionally, and more importantly, there are NO convertible notes whatsoever in the company’s 10k’s anymore. The importance of this is that there are NO forces of diluting MM’s working against the trading public.

NEW FILING – AMMENDENT 10 K/S: http://www.otcmarkets.com/edgar/GetFilingHtml?FilingID=10817138

Above is the certified, documented highly credible SEC filed listing on OIL RESERVES: (*Click on link and scroll down to you see the 3rd party certified SEC filed document.

As of Jan 1, 2015, we estimate the UAPC net proved reserves to be about 118,660 barrels of oil. Projected future cash shows a discounted net present value of $2,025,090. (*see the document on the page 5 or click on the link above.)

Lets do some Math:
Current Market Value of UAPC is the following on the close of market Friday, Sept. 4.
UAPC Security Details Share Structure 321,867,909 x .0011 = $354,055 a/o Sept 4, 2015
In our opinion, the company is severely UNDERVALUED based on proven documented 3rd party Oil Reserves alone. The company is revenue generating and improving rapidly in its operating losses dramatically over the last few quarters and approaching profitability. THIS COMPANY HAS OVER $2M in SEC certified and documented OIL RESERVES and has a current market value of only $354K. The FAIR MARKET VALUE at the very least if nothing else is being negotiated or being made public in more well/lease acquistions should be at least approximately .01 the very least based just on oil reserves.

Revenue: Last 6 months: (from the 10k)

Results of operations for the six months ended June 30, 2015, as compared to the six months ended June 30, 2014

Revenues . We had total revenues of $291,802 for the six months ended June 30, 2015 which were generated from oil and gas sales of $286,702 and well operating revenues of $5,100. This was a $18,580 or 6% decrease from total revenues of $310,382 for the six months ended June 30, 2014, which were generated from oil and gas sales of $305,282 and well operation revenues of $5,100. Barrels of oil per day produced (BOPD) increased to an average of 42.85 BOPD from 19.29 BOPD for the six months ended June 30, 2014.

Net Loss. For the six months ended June 30, 2015, our net loss was $180,650 as compared to a net loss of $459,597 for the six months ended June 30, 2014, an improvement of $278,947 or 61% from the prior period.-APPROACHING PROFITABILITY

Cash on Hand: $189,208 Total Cash & Receivables: $223, 207

Discussion: UAPC hit a high almost .005 back in late May on relatively light volume and for the most part declined on small volume as well mainly due to traders moving money to more active stocks in the summer duldrums and perhaps the decline of oil prices may have been a detriment as well. However, oil prices have bottomed out and are beginning to rise again as most analysts agree bottom is in there and should see prices moving back up. See- chart for crude oil prices: http://www.dailyfx.com/crude-oil
Here is the most important fact that everyone needs to realize. I scrubbed every filing back for the last few years in UAPC. The pps
back in 2013 as you can see on the chart was over .12. The reason for the decline in the pps was the conversion of several convertible notes that the company used to pay off some long term debt. It severely hurt the stock price, but I guess it’s a necessary evil if you have no cash to develop your business plan. However, as you can see now this company is growing nicely and has about $200K CASH in the bank and $2M in proven oil reserves now, but the market has overlooked that. Convertible debt kills the stock price of a company, but it also hides the true value of it until its realized my the market. That is what needs to happen with UAPC and imo it will. The decline of oil prices has not helped here over the last few months, but that is on the upswing as well.

Finally, if you look at where their oil/gas well and leases are you can see they are right in the middle of where the big
boys are playing. Here is picture of it. Notice the names of the big oil and gas companies.

Key Operations Facts

• 17 Projects (Producing)
• Almost 5,000 Acres
• 10 Counties
• 60 Wellbores

United is presently providing operational services for numerous oil and gas leaseholders in 10 Counties Statewide, covering almost 5,000 acres, containing 60 existing wellbores with many offset drilling locations identified. Including Lavaca, Frio, Gonzales, Caldwell, Jackson, La Salle, Pecos, Bastrop, Erath, Parker, Shackelford, Pecos, Lockhart, Duval, Medina, Wilbarger, Navarro, Archer and Victoria counties. We are exploring opportunities to increase both the size and locations of our operations portfolio.With our years of experience in the region, we pride ourselves on our ability to perform any duty needed in the oil field, including, but not limited to:

• Landman
• Title and leasing
• Lease work
• Pumping and gauging
• Geology and geophysics
• Reserve estimates
• Overseeing work-overs
• Re-entries and drilling
• We can also perform enhanced recovery such as water floods and gas injection and a wide array of other industry specific tasks.
Major Players in the Texas Eagle Ford Shale Field


Click link below… how any penny stocks ever list here…hardly any shows how credible this company is.

Standard & Poor’s Market Access Profile




Key Project Facts
8 Projects (Producing)
2,850 +/- Acres
8 Counties
151 wellbores

United procures assets in one the nation’s foremost energy producing states – Texas.

Producing and operating amongst industry giants such as EOG Resources (Mkt Cap 28.11B*), Devon Energy (Mkt Cap 25.92B*), Noble Energy (Mkt Cap 17.78B*), Cheasapeake (Mkt Cap 14.38B*) and Cabot Oil and Gas (Mkt Cap 6.69B*) UAPC is ideally positioned for rapid organic expansion.

United has 8 main projects, but also owns interests in many other projects.

Our operating division performs outsourced oil and gas services to other oil and gas companies. With our portfolio of well operations, we believe we have a secure, reliable source of income providing a stable base on which to build.

Please click on the links to the left to read about our specific projects.

Source: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=116821363


How I used #stock #options to #invest in $TNXP #Healthcare #DrugManufacturers $SPY $FB

TNXP stock price is up 20% after reporting Positive Topline Results from Phase 2 At Ease Study of TNX-102 SL in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

On May 05 2016, I had sold a contract of the TNXP Sep16’16 2.5 PUT @ $0.85

I thought TNXP looked like a good value at these basement prices. And then I further reduced my potential cost basis price by using the vehicle of selling put options.

Here is the daily chart:

Here is the way the historical and implied volatility looked in TNXP before the news came out today:

Here is a copy of the news article from today:

May 19, 2016 – 6:01 AM EDT
TNXP $3.425 +0.525

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Topline Results from Phase 2 AtEase Study of TNX-102 SL in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Conference Call and Webcast Today at 8:00 a.m. ET
Successfully-executed Dose-finding Study Identified 5.6 mg as the Efficacious and Well-tolerated Dose for Registration Studies
Plan to Meet with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to Finalize Phase 3 Clinical Program
Topline Data will be Presented at the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 31, 2016
NEW YORK, May 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:TNXP) (Tonix), which is developing next-generation medicines for fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), today announced topline results of the Phase 2 dose-finding clinical study of TNX-102 SL (cyclobenzaprine HCl sublingual tablets) in military-related PTSD (AtEase Study).

The goal of the AtEase Study was to evaluate the potential clinical benefit of using TNX-102 SL to treat military-related PTSD at a dose of 2.8 mg or 5.6 mg. In a randomized, placebo-controlled study of 231 patients with PTSD at 25 U.S. clinical sites, a bedtime sublingual dose of 2.8 mg TNX-102 SL (n=90) or 5.6 mg TNX-102 SL (n=49) was compared to placebo (n=92) for the treatment of military-related PTSD. The retention rate was higher than typical for a PTSD clinical trial, since 73% completed the study on placebo, 79% on TNX-102 SL 2.8 mg and 84% on TNX-102 SL 5.6 mg. The primary efficacy endpoint was the 12-week mean change from baseline in the severity of PTSD symptoms as measured by the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5 (CAPS-5) between those treated with TNX-102 SL and those receiving placebo. The CAPS-5 is a standardized structured clinical interview and serves as the gold standard in research for measuring the symptom severity of PTSD.

This dose-finding study was designed to evaluate whether a 2.8 mg dose would be an efficacious dose and to provide an opportunity for this study to be one of the pivotal efficacy studies. Although the 2.8 mg dose trended in the direction of a therapeutic effect, it did not reach statistical significance on the primary endpoint. In contrast, the 5.6 mg dose had a therapeutic effect as assessed by the CAPS-5, which was statistically significant by analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) (p-value = 0.038), even though this arm of the study was designed to include half the number of patients of the 2.8 mg arm. The AtEase Study successfully demonstrated a dose-response relationship on multiple efficacy and safety measurements. TNX-102 SL 2.8 mg and 5.6 mg were well tolerated as evidenced by the high overall completion rate in the active treatment groups, which exceeded the completion rate in the placebo group. The three treatment arms were well balanced on demographic characteristics.

There were four distinct serious adverse events (SAEs); three were in the placebo group, and one (proctitis/peri-rectal abscess), in the TNX-102 SL group, was reported to be unrelated to TNX-102 SL.

Seth Lederman, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Tonix, stated, “TNX-102 SL 5.6 mg taken sublingually at bedtime demonstrated efficacy (reduction in CAPS-5 score) and safety for the treatment of military-related PTSD compared to placebo. We are pleased to have established a dose-response relationship of TNX-102 SL in this Phase 2 PTSD study and identified the 5.6 mg dose as appropriate for Phase 3 development. We plan to meet with the FDA to discuss the clinical program to support the registration of TNX-102 SL 5.6 mg for the treatment of PTSD.”

Jonathan R.T. Davidson, M.D., emeritus professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center and former Director of the Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Program, and consultant to Tonix, commented, “There is a continuing need to develop effective and well-tolerated treatments for people whose daily living is impaired by PTSD. I am encouraged by the results that have emerged from this well-designed and carefully executed study and look forward to seeing this drug treatment advance into a registration clinical program.”

Dr. Lederman added, “In the last decade, there has been little activity in the recruitment of military-related PTSD patients to participate in industry-sponsored, large-scale randomized controlled clinical studies of experimental medicines. We were successful in recruiting a relevant patient population. The AtEase Study evaluated the dose-response relationship of TNX-102 SL and identified the 5.6 mg dose as a clinically effective and well-tolerated dose for registration studies. The results of the AtEase Study not only support the development of TNX-102 SL 5.6 mg towards commercialization, but also help to better understand PTSD, a serious and disabling condition affecting many veterans who have served our country. We are grateful to the participants and their families for supporting this study.”

Summaries of the preliminary efficacy and safety results are provided in the following tables:

Table 1. Preliminary Efficacy of TNX-102 SL in the AtEase Study

Assessment Domain Analysis p Values
2.8 mg
(N=90) 5.6 mg
CAPS-5 Total MMRM1 with Multiple Imputation 0.211 0.031*
Total ANCOVA 0.090 0.038*
Arousal and Reactivity MMRM 0.141 0.048*
Sleep E6 Item MMRM 0.185 0.010*
Startle E4 Item MMRM 0.336 0.015*
CGI-I2 Responder 0.240 0.041*
PGIC3 MMRM 0.075 0.035*
Sheehan Disability Scale Total MMRM 0.174 0.079
Work/school Item MMRM 0.123 0.050*
Social/leisure Item MMRM 0.198 0.031*
Family life/home responsibilities Item MMRM 0.375 0.524
1MMRM = Mixed Model Repeated Measures
2CGI-I = Clinician Global Impression-Improvement
3PGIC = Patient Global Impression of Change
*p < 0.05

Table 2. Preliminary Adverse Events Reported in > 5% of Subjects in Any Treatment Arm

TNX-102 SL
Placebo 2.8 mg 5.6 mg Total TNX-102 SL
(N=94) (N=93) (N=50) (N=143)
Local Administration Site Conditions
Hypoaesthesia oral 2 (2.1%) 36 (38.7%) 18 (36.0%) 54 (37.8%)
Paraesthesia oral 3 (3.2%) 15 (16.1%) 2 (4.0%) 17 (11.9%)
Glossodynia 1 (1.1%) 3 (3.2%) 3 (6.0%) 6 (4.2%)
Systemic Adverse Events
Somnolence 6 (6.4%) 11 (11.8%) 8 (16.0%) 19 (13.3%)
Dry mouth 10 (10.6%) 4 (4.3%) 8 (16.0%) 12 (8.4%)
Headache 4 (4.3%) 5 (5.4%) 6 (12.0%) 11 (7.7%)
Insomnia 8 (8.5%) 7 (7.5%) 3 (6.0%) 10 (7.0%)
Sedation 1 (1.1%) 2 (2.2%) 6 (12.0%) 8 (5.6%)
Upper respiratory infection 5 (5.3%) 3 (3.2%) 2 (4.0%) 5 (3.5%)
Abnormal dreams 5 (5.3%) 1 (1.1%) 1 (2.0%) 2 (1.4%)
Weight increased 5 (5.3%) 1 (1.1%) 1 (2.0%) 2 (1.4%)

Tonix’s chief medical officer, Gregory Sullivan, M.D., will present topline data from the AtEase Study at the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Annual Meeting to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 31, 2016.

TNX-102 SL is an Investigational New Drug and has not been approved for any indication.

Conference Call and Webcast Information

Tonix will host a conference call today at 8:00 a.m. ET to review the topline results from the Phase 2 study of TNX-102 SL. To participate in the call, please dial +1 (877) 481-7178 (domestic) or +1 (929) 387-3796 (international) and reference the access code 2193496. A replay of the conference call may be accessed through June 18, 2016 by dialing +1 (855) 859-2056 (domestic) or +1 (404) 537-3406 (international) and by using the access code 2193496. The conference call also will be webcast live on the Investors section of Tonix’s website, www.tonixpharma.com, and will be archived until June 18, 2016.

About Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can develop from witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event or ordeal in which there was the severe threat of or actual occurrence of grave physical harm. PTSD affects approximately 8.4 million Americans and is a chronic and severely debilitating condition in which patients re-experience the horrific traumas that resulted in the condition in the forms of intrusive memories, flashbacks, and nightmares. PTSD is characterized by disrupted sleep, anxiety, agitation, avoidance, emotional numbness and estrangement from family and friends, guilt or negative beliefs about self, and sometimes associated with clinical depression and suicidal thinking. Individuals who suffer from PTSD usually have significant impairment in social functioning, occupational disability, and an overall poor quality of life. PTSD is sometimes associated with substance abuse and unpredictable violent or suicidal behaviors. It is estimated that 20 percent of the over 2.5 million US military personnel returning from tours of duty in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD1.

1Source: Report on VA Facility Specific Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) Veterans Diagnosed with Potential or Provisional PTSD. Cumulative from 1st Qtr FY 2002 through 1st Qtr FY 2014.

About TNX-102 SL

TNX-102 SL is designed to deliver cyclobenzaprine to the bloodstream rapidly via sublingual (under the tongue) absorption and to bypass first-pass hepatic metabolism. As a multifunctional agent with antagonist activities at the serotonin-2A, alpha-1 adrenergic, and histamine H1 receptors, TNX-102 SL is under clinical development for the treatment of PTSD and is intended to provide broad spectrum improvement by targeting sleep and the stress response. Tonix is developing TNX-102 SL 2.8 mg for daily bedtime administration for the treatment of fibromyalgia and TNX-102 SL 5.6 mg for daily bedtime administration for the treatment of PTSD.

About Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.

Tonix is developing next-generation medicines for common disorders of the central nervous system, including fibromyalgia and PTSD. These disorders are characterized by chronic disability, inadequate treatment options, high utilization of healthcare services, and significant economic burden. This press release and further information about Tonix can be found at www.tonixpharma.com.

Safe Harbor / Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by the use of forward-looking words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “forecast,” “estimate,” “expect,” and “intend,” among others. These forward-looking statements are based on Tonix’s current expectations and actual results could differ materially. There are a number of factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, substantial competition; our possible need for additional financing; uncertainties of patent protection and litigation; uncertainties of government or third party payor reimbursement; limited research and development efforts and dependence upon third parties; and risks related to failure to obtain FDA clearances or approvals and noncompliance with FDA regulations. As with any pharmaceutical under development, there are significant risks in the development, regulatory approval and commercialization of new products. Tonix does not undertake an obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement. Investors should read the risk factors set forth in the Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2015, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on March 3, 2016, and future periodic reports filed with the SEC on or after the date hereof. All of Tonix’s forward-looking statements are expressly qualified by all such risk factors and other cautionary statements. The information set forth herein speaks only as of the date hereof.


Bradley J. Saenger
Chief Financial Officer
(212) 980-9155 x107

Jenene Thomas Communications (investors)
Jenene Thomas
(908) 938-1475

Dian Griesel Int’l. (media)
Susan Forman / Laura Radocaj
(212) 825-3210

Source: GlobeNewswire (May 19, 2016 – 6:01 AM EDT)

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Time & Sales $MCC – Lots of cross trading between TD 007 & Anonymous 001.Magor Corporation (MCC:CA) 05-04-2016

Time & Sales REALTIME
Price Size Mkt Time Buy Sell
0.075 20,000 TSXV 15:31:04 001 001
0.075 50,000 TSXV 15:30:58 001 007
0.07 11,000 TSXV 14:13:21 079 001
0.07 4,000 TSXV 14:13:21 079 001
0.07 11,000 TSXV 14:09:26 007 001
0.07 5,000 TSXV 14:09:26 007 001
w 0.07 8,000 TSXV 14:09:26 007 007
w 0.07 10,000 TSXV 14:09:26 007 007
0.065 3,000 TSXV 13:54:53 001 001
0.065 20,000 TSXV 13:54:40 007 001
0.065 30,000 TSXV 13:54:40 007 001
0.065 5,000 TSXV 13:54:40 007 001
0.065 40,000 TSXV 13:06:45 007 001
0.06 20,000 TSXV 12:23:01 001 007
0.06 20,000 TSXV 12:23:01 001 007
0.06 12,000 TSXV 12:23:01 001 007
0.06 10,000 TSXV 12:23:01 001 007
0.06 5,000 TSXV 12:23:01 001 007
w 0.06 39,000 TSXV 12:23:00 007 007
w 0.06 11,000 TSXV 12:16:20 007 001
w 0.06 10,000 TSXV 12:16:20 002 001
w 0.06 6,000 TSXV 12:16:20 007 001
w 0.06 10,000 TSXV 12:16:20 007 001
w 0.06 15,000 TSXV 12:16:20 002 001
w 0.065 5,000 TSXV 12:16:20 001 001
w 0.065 15,000 TSXV 12:16:20 001 001
0.065 2,000 TSXV 10:37:46 007 079
0.07 10,000 TSXV 09:51:09 001 009
0.07 10,000 TSXV 09:51:09 001 009
0.07 5,000 TSXV 05/03 001 001
0.075 4,000 TSXV 05/03 002 001
0.075 10,000 TSXV 05/03 002 007
0.07 10,000 TSXV 05/03 001 007
0.07 4,000 TSXV 05/03 001 001
0.07 4,000 TSXV 05/03 001 007
0.07 5,000 TSXV 05/03 001 007
w 0.07 10,000 TSXV 05/03 007 007
w 0.07 16,000 TSXV 05/03 007 007

Hunting for #ten-bagger in #penny #stocks $DLIAQ $LEXG

What is a ‘Tenbagger‘ (Source: Investopedia)
An investment that appreciates to 10 times its initial purchase price. The term “tenbagger” was coined by legendary fund manager Peter Lynch in his book “One Up On Wall Street”. While “tenbagger” can describe any investment that appreciates or has the potential to increase ten-fold, it is usually used to describe stocks with explosive growth prospects. Lynch coined the term because he is an avid baseball fan, and “bag” is a colloquial term for base; thus “tenbagger” represents two home runs and a double, or the stock equivalent of a hugely successful baseball play.

Strictly based on the stock chart (not company fundamentals, etc.) I think that $LEXG has 10-bagger potential. Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. See my blog post about this here.

I have successfully made a few multi-bagger trades and I will post the trade execution confirmations of those trades. So far, the dollar value of money made from these multi-baggers has not been anything to brag about, but I know one of these days it will be.

You know those penny stock clip-art pictures you see, where 1 penny turns into 2, then 2 into 4, 4 to 8, etc. etc. Well wouldn’t it be nice to make a 10x return on a $100 investment, turning one hundred dollars into one thousand dollars in a single investment. Or turning $1,000 into $10,000 sounds even better. Well, sometimes I hunt for the next 10-bagger. The best I’ve done so far is 38-bagger in $ABPI (which is now de-listed). And too bad I didn’t hang onto my $DLIAQ $0.0001 shares longer, last week this stock hit a high of $0.0080 which would have given me an opportunity to make a 79-bagger if I had sold them at $0.0080 instead of $0.0015 (14-bagger). I’ve actually been stalking and trading $DLIAQ for quite a while now. DLIAQ-14-bagger-03-15-2016DLIAQ-daily-04-27-2016

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DazeTrader
Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 7:52 PM
Subject: Fwd: I made a 38 bagger today in $ABPI
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Only partial fill today, but on those 12,000 shares that sold at $0.0039, that’s a 38 bagger.

I invested $1.20 for those 12,000 shares and sold them today for $46.80.

If only the commission wasn’t $9.95 per trade.


And this $GBC stock which trades on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) was my first ever multi-bagger trade, mind you I only got filled 1 share at $0.005 as I was noticing that this particular stock would often trade odd-lots at the price of $0.005 meanwhile the actual market would be between $0.03 to $0.08 during this same time.GBC-16-bagger

The reason I had noticed this detail about GBC trading at $0.005 in the odd-lot market was because I had been tracking this stock for a couple years. It was actually a very “interesting” stock because back when #bitcoin was hot. I wrote this article Tell the market‬ your company is a ‎bitcoin‬ ‪investment‬ ‪vehicle‬ = 10,000% return. This company came out with a PR one day saying they were now involved with bitcoin and the stock shot up 10,000%! I wrote about that back in 2013 on my blog here.


Do you ever hunt for ten-baggers? If so, leave a comment below or send me a message on twitter, let’s hunt them together!

$LEXG a potential 10 bagger penny stock opportunity – Lithium Exploration Group, Inc.

I have labelled $LEXG a potential 10 bagger… why? Well, if you have purchased shares recently near $0.01, as you can see from this annotated stock chart, reaching $0.10 per share would not be too far of a stretch. Are you ready for the Fibonacci retracement bounce?


$MAVT #penny #stock collapsed 90% in 3-days! Same crew as $RAYS

On March 28 2016 I sent a message to a few of my close traders that “IB has $MAVT borrows today. They first had 5.4k, now have 1.4k remaining. It’s been very HTB. Apparently could be similar to the $RAYS p&d.”

I did short some shares when Interactive Brokers had a borrow, but within a few days I got bought-in since my broker lost the borrow.

On or around April 11 2016, MAVT did a 4:1 reverse split and the trading symbol changed to MAVTD. The share price then rose from $1.20 until finally topping out at $1.80 within 5 days after the split.

As you see in the MAVTD chart, the stock hit highs of $1.80 and then had a nasty dump. This is a classic pump n’ dump.


As per @AimHighProfits twitter post below, apparently Thomas Puzzo was involved with $MAVT and he was also involved with $RAYS. It’s an excellent idea to Google Search the names of the people that are involved with bringing the company to market, for example the lawyer, accountant, etc. You will often find important clues that will help you form an opinion from the information that you discover during your research.

If you compare the MAVT and RAYS stock charts, you will see the comparison.

As Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani say, “know thy pumper.”

$LOGG stock chart has Upside Breakout written all over it!


March 16, 2016 – 9:00 AM EDT
Email Article
Font Down
Font Up
LOGG 0.267 0.017

Today 5d 1m 3m 1y 5y 10y

LifeLogger unveils innovative online video experience with interactive map and smart tagging
LifeLogger Technologies Corp (OTCQB:LOGG) today announced a major update to its media cloud service, currently in Beta. LifeLogger is introducing a new video experience that automatically maps the location where the video was shot and makes it easy to tag points, people or events within the video, automatically or manually.

During the past months, LifeLogger has pushed the boundaries on providing a meaningful video experience for its users. By bringing relevant context such as geo-location and smart tagging, LifeLogger provides relevant data to make viewing and searching more manageable and seamless. Thanks to invaluable feedback from its rapidly growing customer base, LifeLogger has completed a major makeover of its service and added the following functionality:

Enhanced Video Play & Tagging and Livestream Views: Enhances video as it plays, allowing for seamless toggling between an interactive map, a full-screen video, and adding title, description and custom tags. Users will still able to apply and click custom or face tags to take them to a specific point in their video.
Flexible Sharing: Users decide which of their videos are Private, Public and available by Invite Only. Then, they can select the platform of their choice to share their videos.
Improved Social: Building on existing capabilities to share with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, LifeLogger is introducing customer profiles and will continue to expand its social engagement functionality in future updates.
Andres Espineira, LifeLogger’s Chief Marketing Officer, noted, “People share videos to tell stories and a rich context backed by easily accessible data makes for a more compelling story. We at LifeLogger aim to enrich videos with relevant information and create an entirely new video experience that makes it easy to find, highlight and share the most important moments. Geo-location and smart tagging are just the beginning of the many innovations we have planned to introduce in the next few months.”

All users who were previously on LifeLogger’s waitlist have already received an invitation to register for the service. Anybody who wants to sign up can do so immediately by going to http://lifelogger.com/join

About LifeLogger

LifeLogger Technologies Corp. has developed a media cloud service providing the ability to capture, store and livestream your memories. We are device agnostic, allowing you to use your iOS or Android device, or other wearable camera and/or sensor solutions. We have cutting-edge technology that presents meaningful advanced search functionality, including geo-enabled location search & face detection. For more information please visit http://lifelogger.com.

Forward Looking Statements – Safe Harbor

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning the plans and expectations of LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. to provide innovative wearable technology and related software applications and its expectations for future revenues. Actual events or results may differ materially from those described in this press release due to a number of risks and uncertainties. The potential risks and uncertainties include, among others that the anticipated success of our technology may not be as expected. More information about potential factors that could affect our business and financial results is included under the captions, “Risk Factors” in the our Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2014 which have been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and available at the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov.

View source version on businesswire.com: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160316005348/en/

(561) 515-6928
Investor Relations Counsel:
The Equity Group Inc.
Lena Cati, (212) 836-9611
Vice President

Copyright Business Wire 2016

Source: Business Wire (March 16, 2016 – 9:00 AM EDT)

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National Waste Management Holdings Inc. Insiders Have A History Of Misleading SEC Filings

National Waste Management Holdings Inc. Insiders Have A History Of Misleading SEC Filings
The purpose of this article is to provide a warning to investors that your hard earned money is in jeopardy if you have made the choice to purchase common shares in National Waste Management Holdings Inc (OTCPK:NWMH), formerly Kopjaggers Inc.. The insiders, attorney, and accountant (Peter Messineo), have an established track record of operating a multitude of unsuccessful companies which usually start trading between $1.00 and $3.00 per share and eventually end up near zero. Most of their previous public companies are now either suspended by the SEC or

Read more …
Source: SeekingAlpha (November 19, 2015 – 12:45 PM EST)

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$NHTC options market – huge bearish bet or put credit spread?

Today I reviewed the most active traded options in Natural Health Trends Corp. $NHTC on the NASDAQ, and came across a very interesting trade.




On Oct-15-2015 between 1:47 and 1:49PM CST the $NHTC Jan2016 $25.00 Put traded 400 contracts at ~$1.70, in contrast to an open interest of 135. Just before this trade occurred, the bid/ask was $0.90 x $1.95 which makes the midpoint $1.43. Total premium spent on this side of the trade is $67,095.



On Oct-15-2015 at 1:51PM CST the $NHTC Apr2016 $15.00 Put traded 502 contracts at the ask price of $1.30; the market was $0.65 x $1.35 just before the trade executed at $1.30. The open interest before the trade went through was only 1. This trade went through on the ask, so we can assume it was initiated by a buyer, not a seller. This side of the trade cost the trader $65,260 in option premium.


Looking at the execution times and the near equal amount of option premium on the two trades, I am 99% sure these trades are linked and executed by the same trader. TOS-NHTC-Time-Sales-10-15-2015

It is easy to see that the trader bought the Apr2016 $15 puts, so I’m leaning towards the direction that he shorted the Jan2016 $25 puts, making this a bull put credit spread. I’ve heard it said from Mark Sebastian to trade the hard side first – and usually it’s harder to sell a midpoint than buy the ask (see page 25 of Trading the ‘Hard Side’). HOWEVER, if in fact this trader actually bought the Jan2016 $25 puts long, and did not sell them for a credit spread, this would be an extremely bearish bet. My question is, did the trader short the Jan2016 $25 puts, or did he buy them long? I am going to inquire from a few trusted and experienced option traders who are very familiar with this: @JoshMBelanger optionsizzle.com and Joe Kunkle @OptionsHawk.


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