National Waste Management Holdings Inc. Insiders Have A History Of Misleading SEC Filings

National Waste Management Holdings Inc. Insiders Have A History Of Misleading SEC Filings
The purpose of this article is to provide a warning to investors that your hard earned money is in jeopardy if you have made the choice to purchase common shares in National Waste Management Holdings Inc (OTCPK:NWMH), formerly Kopjaggers Inc.. The insiders, attorney (Angela Collette), and accountant (Peter Messineo) have an established track record of operating a multitude of unsuccessful companies which usually start trading between $1.00 and $3.00 per share and eventually end up near zero. Most of their previous public companies are now either suspended by the SEC or

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$MJMI falls 59% after my tweet, is $NWMH next?







$NHTC options market – huge bearish bet or put credit spread?

Today I reviewed the most active traded options in Natural Health Trends Corp. $NHTC on the NASDAQ, and came across a very interesting trade.




On Oct-15-2015 between 1:47 and 1:49PM CST the $NHTC Jan2016 $25.00 Put traded 400 contracts at ~$1.70, in contrast to an open interest of 135. Just before this trade occurred, the bid/ask was $0.90 x $1.95 which makes the midpoint $1.43. Total premium spent on this side of the trade is $67,095.



On Oct-15-2015 at 1:51PM CST the $NHTC Apr2016 $15.00 Put traded 502 contracts at the ask price of $1.30; the market was $0.65 x $1.35 just before the trade executed at $1.30. The open interest before the trade went through was only 1. This trade went through on the ask, so we can assume it was initiated by a buyer, not a seller. This side of the trade cost the trader $65,260 in option premium.


Looking at the execution times and the near equal amount of option premium on the two trades, I am 99% sure these trades are linked and executed by the same trader. TOS-NHTC-Time-Sales-10-15-2015

It is easy to see that the trader bought the Apr2016 $15 puts, so I’m leaning towards the direction that he shorted the Jan2016 $25 puts, making this a bull put credit spread. I’ve heard it said from Mark Sebastian to trade the hard side first – and usually it’s harder to sell a midpoint than buy the ask (see page 25 of Trading the ‘Hard Side’). HOWEVER, if in fact this trader actually bought the Jan2016 $25 puts long, and did not sell them for a credit spread, this would be an extremely bearish bet. My question is, did the trader short the Jan2016 $25 puts, or did he buy them long? I am going to inquire from a few trusted and experienced option traders who are very familiar with this: @JoshMBelanger and Joe Kunkle @OptionsHawk.


I invite you to comment and share your thoughts about this post. Thanks!

I #heart $IQ.V #technology #stock on #TSX Venture

Symbol: IQ.V
Price: $0.08
Common Shares: 28,928,947
Insider Holdings: 20,566,937 from Sedi





In 2011 the company did a 40:1 rollback on around 100 million shares. 1,581,926 shares of that are still held by insiders.
Cash: $179,000
Total Assets: $1,283,000
Total Debt: $1,198,000 (Mostly Accounts Payable & Deferred Revenue)

Revenue after 9 Months: $2.02 million
Net Profit after 9 Months: $150,000

What I really like is that IQ is working with Mosaic Capital(M.V) which is a much larger company that likes to takeover companies in multiple sectors. They own 18% of IQ and recently had their loan paid back by that company.

AirIQ is located in Pickering, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange, under the symbol IQ.

AirIQ offers an end-to-end wireless solution which allows customers to manage mobile assets on a cost-effective basis. AirIQ combines the power and economics of four proven technologies and offers them as one easy-to-use solution. AirIQ integrates the global positioning system (“GPS”), wireless cellular networks, digitized mapping databases, computing intelligence and connectivity / content offered by the Internet, in order to offer a complete suite of services to a diverse set of customers. These services enable a person who is managing a fleet of vehicles to access vital information or remotely control their assets from their own computer or telephone. AirIQ’s customers are able to locate, manage, monitor, control, protect and communicate with monitored vehicles in real time.

Wireless services are best known in the context of cellular voice services that allow people to communicate “anywhere and anytime”. AirIQ uses the concept of wireless mobility services to connect devices and machines. The provision of such services for “stationary machines” is called Telemetry; whereas the provision of such services for “moving machines” is known as Telematics.

Specifically, “Telematics” is the wireless communication of information and control messages to and from mobile devices or assets. AirIQ offers its services by way of an application service provider (“ASP”) business model, specializing in Telematics. Telematics services offer high value to those markets that benefit from a high level of visibility, security, efficiency, safety and utilization.

From MD&A:

Third Quarter Highlights: The main highlights of the quarter were as follows (with comparisons made between the 3rd quarter of 2014 and 3rd quarter of 2013):

• Revenue improved by 12% or $69 to $670 from $601; • Achieved positive EBITDAS (earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and stock-based compensation) of $79 representing a $132 improvement;

• Achieved net income of $44 representing a $227 improvement;

• Expenses (excluding stock based compensation) were down 38% or $118 from $429 to $311;

• Achieved positive cash flows from operations of $85 representing an improvement of $258;

• Recurring revenue was $478 with a gross margin of $342 or 72%; • Achieved positive working capital of $75 representing a 177% improvement;

• Established a revolving demand facility with the Royal Bank of Canada to support the Company’s growth initiatives.

Most recent news:

AirIQ repays $100,000 debt owed to Mosaic Capital

2015-02-26 15:10 MT – News Release

Mr. Michael Robb reports


AirIQ Inc. has repaid the outstanding amount due on its loan to Mosaic Capital Partners LP.

In December, 2013, the company entered into a credit facility with Mosaic and executed a promissory note in favour of Mosaic in the amount of $100,000. The loan had a maturity date ofJune 17, 2015, and bore interest at a rate of 15 per cent per annum, calculated daily and payable monthly in arrears. Interest only was payable on the loan on a monthly basis, and the loan was secured by a charge over all of AirIQ’s property and assets, subordinate to the company’s bankers.

“The loan was due for repayment in June of this year, but the board decided to repay it early given the company’s strong fiscal performance to date,” said Michael Robb, president and chief executive officer of AirIQ. “There was no penalty associated with prepayment, and the early repayment will allow the company to save on interest expense and strengthens the company’s balance sheet,” continued Mr. Robb.

“We appreciate Mosaic’s support and assistance in helping the company to meet its goals and objectives.”

Following this repayment, the company is no longer indebted to Mosaic, and is now free of all long-term debt.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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$SOPW – Solar Power Inc. To Offload Shares Under The Lock-Up Provision


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Boston, MA 10/08/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Solar Power Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOPW) has sealed a definitive purchase agreement for its common stock, valued at $43.8 million in a private placement. Cash from the transaction is to be used for bolstering the company’s YES Solar solution investment plan with the remainder being used as working capital. 

Lead Investor 

Solar Power Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOPW) plans to use part of the amount to cater for a strategic investment in Guocang Group Limited. Business Wire reports that the lead investor in a private placement is a subsidiary of Evergrande Real Estate Grouo, considered as one of the biggest real estate developers in China. 

Solar Power Inc. (OTCMKTS:SOPW) will be looking to offload up to 31,739,500 shares at a share price of $1.38. U.S investors are barred from the transaction under the U.S Securities act as amended. The purchase agreement is made of representations, warranties and covenants of SPI Solar and subject to the satisfaction of customary closing condition. 

Shares being sold Under Lock-Up Provision 

Solar Power expects financing from the private partners to be sufficient in strategically positioning it in the fast growing solar market especially in China. The solar giant has already signed a non-binding MOU with Evergrande as the pair look to subscribe shares in Guocang Group limited. Shares being offloaded are to be sold under the lock-up provision. Once the transaction is finalized, investors will be barred from selling any of their acquired stakes until the expiry of a three months period. 

The transaction is expected to close before October 16, 2014 subject to the satisfaction of waiver and closing conditions. Placement of the shares for sale comes weeks after the company entered into an agreement for the construction a 19 megawatt solar project in Shandong Province. The company is also in the process of buying a special purpose vehicle that owns rights to the project

$ENDO #marijuana stock w/ perfect chart setup. imo. #MMPR #USA

This is my favorite chart setup for a potential breakout to the upside. There is a 1 million share bid at $0.025 offering strong support. Last Friday they took out the 336,500 offer at $0.027. This company is in the medical marijuana space. Provided the 0.025 bid can hold, this is a good entry area for a 100% gainer in the very short term.


I also caught PSID very early and I blogged about it here.

Also find my PSID videos on youtube.

I have been accumulating ENDO near the $0.025 bid for the past week or two and it is on my immediate watch list for a potential long breakout.

As of May 31 2013 there is currently 67,886,647 shares outstanding.

Yahoo Finance gives ENDO an enterprise value of 2.99M as of Oct 7, 2014.

So for ENDO stock price to be trading at the current enterprise valuation, the share price would need to go up 76% from current levels to a stock price of $0.044. I think the current risk to reward presented by this market is an excellent opportunity.

Nevermind the fact that Omnicanna Health Solutions, Inc. $ENDO is a stock in the medical marijuana industry. From what I hear a lot of investors are accumulating these types of stocks going into the 2014 fall/winter season (see below for further proof of this).





Hello members. Our “WEED” Trade plan is almost here. We have
already taken a couple positions that we have successfully converted to
FREE shares. Good job on that.
Let me get started with a small description of what we will be
Elections are coming upon us quickly. On many of those ballots,
there will be marijuana legalization ballots for many many states. Some
will be just for medical marijuana
and some will be for recreational marijuana. We plan on taking advantage
of this. With the massive success and revenues that Colorado, California
and a couple others that have already legalized weed, I feel that many
more states cannot deny the potential for revenue from this industry.
Therefore, we should see many states jumping on board.
The trade plan is to start buying a handful of “weed” stocks and
converting them to “FREE” shares as often as possible. When I say
convert to free shares, we sell only what we put into the stock +
commissions and hold the rest of shares. As we do this multiple times
from now until mid to end of January, we should be able to accumulate a
crapload of shares that cost us absolutely nothing. So for example, (we
will use ERBB since we already converted 50%). We buy ERBB at .012 and
it makes a run to .018. We now have 50% profits. We would sell 60% of
our shares giving us our initial entry and commission back and holding
the remainder of shares for the long term. Then ERBB pulls back to
.012 again. We grab again and it runs to .018 again. we sell that same
60% and we just added to our first set of freebie. Now we have even more
free shares. Rinse and repeat.
We will be doing this on a few of the weed stocks. We will start
very soon and play these not only into the elections, but well past
them. Here is why. As these states legalize weed, that vote does not get
implemented until Jan 1st. Now the more the states that legalize, the
better these will run. Then after Jan 1st we start seeing the revenues
from said states. We will be out of ALL of our FREE shares no later than
Jan 31. Every single year weeds run into electiona and sell off in Feb.
Last year we sold all weed stocks at the perfect time. After my sell
alerts on everything, They all dropped and never recovered. Happens
every year.
Now how much do we buy? How many different stocks do we play? This
all depends on your account size. If you have a smaller account, you may
just want to enter 2 or 3 max. there could be times when we have
positions in 8 different stocks. Depending on your portfolio size is the
amount we drop into each trade. We DO NOT want to go all in here. IF you
only have a $500 account, then you may only want to put $250 into each
trade. That way you can play at least 2 stocks. I think $250 is minimum
buy in when converting to freebies. even a 10% win on that particular
trade will still get you out even. IF you only put $100 you would need a
good 20%+ just to break even. Also 10% stop loss would only be $25 with
a $250 trade.
If you have a good sized account, I wouldn’t put any more that $1K
into each trade. keep in mind if we in 8 trades at once, thats still $8K
into them. NEVER go all in. NEVER. We will have a couple that will drop
on us. Hopefully we will have free shares when that happens and it won’t
I will be putting out a detailed list of stocks that we will be
trading. I will also be putting with each stock a complete Due Diligence
Report with financials, product and such.
Sometimes we will run into a trade that we only get 10-20% on
before it starts pulling back. trades like that, we can just sell all of
just that particular play on the stock and put a couple bucks in our
pockets. It would be great to have a couple stocks where we accumulate
1M shares or more and they run to .10 That alone would be $100K per
stock. Sounds great. That is our goal. Will it be reached? I hope so.
So stay tuned for upcoming emails (very soon) Hoping to have first
couple stocks with DD released to you guys this week or weekend. Its a
crapload of work for me, But you guys are worth it.
Hope to see you in chat. Our chat numbers are starting to increase
again with summer almost over.
Thanks, Steve aka Sneeb

$QTMM what goes up… must come down.

[10:06AM]DazeTrader: $QTMM is being pumped, it is being manipulated higher by the “iHub/twitter” pumpers. It should make for a good short sell very soon. Yesterday it slipped down to 0.22 from highs of 0.28 just a day or two ago.

[10:09AM]DazeTrader:This guy “Emylers” is a pumper and wrote this post this morning to pump QTMM, I also checked his twitter and confirmed he is a pure pumper. He also pumped HPNN at one point, and many other failures I’m sure.

[10:09AM]DazeTrader:I am short 2500 shares from 0.2688 this morning.

QTMM has a 52 Week Range of $0.033 to $0.281. Right now the last trade is at $0.27. You tell me, is it easier for a stock like this to keep moving higher… or come back down to earth? Now of course it also depends on how much the stock promoters will pump and push this stock, but their attempts to push the stock higher seem to be coming to an end.


We often see large 100K or 200K offers very abruptly come down on the offer and create mini dumps or flash crashes in the stock… such as yesterday when it dipped down to $0.22.

Here is a post from the QTMM iHUB board: QTMM No supply shortage. There are 10 different MM’s offering shares from 27 to 29 cents. It’s a demand issue.

Here is a 5 minute video of some level 2 trading action in this stock.


I am considering this investment idea in $RSH put options

I just offered out 2 contracts to test the waters in the RSH Jan 2015 $0.50 put for $0.17 on the offer, and got filled within 10 minutes… hmm.. interesting… but the risk/reward is extremely low! I mean, 0.50 minus 0.17 = $0.33 per 100 shares if the stock is put to me. So my max loss if the company went to zero would be $66 of real money.
we will likely win on the fact that implied volatility will decrease gradually over the next few weeks and months so i’m pretty sure we’ll be able to manage a winning trade in the not too distant future.
Here is the option chains just for reference to where we are at the present moment:

Knock Knock $ANY.V One Home? (SPHERE 3D CORPORATION)

A contact of mine from twitter is the only reason I came across this stock, nowhere else had I seen anyone mention it, and it didn’t come up on my radar at all (not that I was searching too hard). Sphere 3D Corp is a technology development company focused on establishing its patent pending emulation and virtualization technology. The CEO is Peter Tassiopoulos. And it has a current Market Cap: 219.86m.
The first thing I did was pull up the chart of ANY.V and said to myself, I need to be prepared to bet against this company. It is my opinion that any company who is listed on the TSX Venture and is trading above $1.00 per share needs to be looked at with the potential of short selling / betting against the stock. As you can see ANY.V has a 52wk range of $0.44 to $9.74, and closed today at $9.39 per share.
Read this article published today by, leaving you with the impression that things will end badly for ANY.V. We don’t know the exact day when the stock will collapse, but when it does, it will quite likely shed at least 50% of it’s share price within a 1-3 day period (whenever that time might be).
Share Information
Average Volume(10 Day): 57.26k
Outstanding: 23.41m
Float: N/AShort Interest: 1.53m (as of 05/01/14)
Short Interest Ratio: 8.78
% of Float: 6.60%

Institute Hold’gs: 12.30% (as of 04/30/14)
Institutions Bought Prev 3 Mo: 2.55m
Institutions Sold Prev 3 Mo: 0
Total Held: 2.64m
Institutions (13F or SEDAR Filings): 4
This stock has a dual listing on the US markets as well. The ticker is SPIHF and it trades on the OTC/PINKsheet market. Notice the short sale amount has nearly doubled from Apr 30, 2014 to May 15, 2014.
I like to see what type of insider transactions are present just to get a quick glance. As you can see, Sheldon Inwentash has been a very active buyer of shares in the public market… interesting.

This stock is very hard to borrow, but I have found one broker that will allow one to short sell at will. 

$MCP more bearish option activity

What are your thoughts going into $MCP earnings, is the risk to the downside or the upside? @fedtrans @fioritojarrad @mktmitch @stockguy22  1:11 PM – 5 May 2014




$MCP May 09 2014 $4.50 strike $Put has 5889 volume (Initiated by buyers) compared to 2276 Open interest. Going into earnings May 07 AMC.  1:31 PM – 6 May 2014

– The above tweet implied bearish sentiment going into the earnings announcement the next day (May 07). Well, they definitely picked the right side of the trade.  As seen in the chart below, they purchased these contracts around $0.18 and today this contract hit a high of $0.90. It doesn’t look like they are closing their positions though, or at least not yet.



Well the put buying hasn’t let up yet. As noted by CBOE’s tweet:

 Active puts @ CBOE; $TSLA 5/9/14 180 $VXX Sept 33 $SUNE Jan 12 $TSLA 5/9/14 180 $MCP 1/15/16 4
I decided to go check out how these positions were initiated to try and determine if it was buyers or sellers that initiated the position, this gives us their sentiment on the stock, and in this case, it’s bearish by the look of it.
MCP 01-15-16 4dollar -active-puts(1)
MCP 01-15-16 4dollar -active-puts