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Due to the bad oil market in the past years, this individual oil stock has fell off the radar from the majority of retail traders. This play is still early, and the crowd doesn’t know about it yet. However, that said, there isn’t too much time left to get into this one before it moves much higher on what will likely be a very fast breakout move towards $0.20 per share. My 1st target is $0.20, although looking at the 5 year chart, I can see it moving all the way to $2.00 per share eventually. ¬†This company is currently trading with a 1 million market cap. ¬†Investors getting into this chart here, are looking at an easy multi-bagger opportunity in the recovering oil industry. Let me know if you want to know the stock ticker of this chart. Follow me on twitter @DazeTrader and send me a direct message.