Buyer Beware $RCAR twitter post compilation.

Here are three other twitter people who are issuing buyer beware warnings about $RCAR stock.

Sonya Colberg @sonyacolberg TheStreetSweeper alert! RenovaCare $RCAR insiders registered this a.m. to sell 4.4 million shares of stock. Majority holder plans to sell the most …2.42 million shares. Lack of confidence, pending dilution on display here.

RenovaCare: First The Promos, Now The Registration
Feb. 15, 2018 1:08 PM ET|  About: RenovaCare, Inc. (RCAR)


$RCAR Check out today’s SEC filing.. Harmel Rayat selling alot of stock.

Hello! Well here we are again!! Another great scam for us to feast on. There is no more sure profitable way to trade than to find poorly financially structured companies like RCAR and short them down to zero. I’ve been doing this non stop month after month and have assured myself a fine living finding blatant manipulation. Let’s get into my next great find, RENOVCARE!


@SeekingAlpha article repost: Renovacare To Good to be True ? (Stem Cell Stock Review)

You have to see this video which created some great buzz for Renovacare. A Stem Cell ‘spray-gun’ that cleared a burn victims worries and pain.

We’ll just throw a bunch of links at you and then you decide.…

63% owned by Vancouver firm. Oh boy..…

10 million registered..looks like someone making preparations..…