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I subscribed to @TimothySykes #pennystock #trading service back in 2012, I was a member for 2 years. The trading methods which I learned through this service have helped me along my path of becoming a consistently profitable trader. I do recommend his educational products and services.

You will learn how to identify companies which are hyping their stock, which causes the share price to become artificially inflated. Thus you will find companies such as $VIBI where you look to sell short around the highs of $2.00 and then look to buy-to-cover your shares back around $1.00 into the massive sell-off. You will need the right stock broker in order to participate in these types of stock plays and you will learn which broker to use from Timothy Sykes service. VIBi is a stock which I recently had a nice 50% profit on my trade by doing exactly what Tim teaches with his trading method.

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Happy #Thanksgiving Save 30-60% @TimothySykes #pennystock #trading services. #BlackFriday2017 https://profit.ly/sales/turkey?aff=2295

OTCBB: SOLS – Stock Declines 30% Within 25 Minutes (Caught on Tape!)

The stock is not very liquid, but it is still a pump and dump that has moved up almost 500% since summer of 2013. Today the stock had a pull back and closed -22% by the end of day. I captured some live footage of this collapse, I will admit it’s not the most interesting, but if you’re holding short from $0.345 it still makes you a lot of money.

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OTCBB: VEND real-time intraday trading flow – 11/26/2013

VEND is one of the more newer stock promotions on the block. If you’re new to this game and need to find out which brokers you should get to participate in the action, see my blog post about brokers.

Today I decided to take some raw footage of the intraday trading since we in the TimAlerts subscription chatroom service were expecting somewhat of a sell off today. VEND ended the day down 13%, not bad. We expect more downside to come yet. Some are even thinking that VEND might get halted like LIFS just did. See Michael Goodes blog post about LIFS: http://www.goodetrades.com/2013/11/sec-suspends-trading-in-life-stem-genetics-lifs/


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Save 50%+ off annual plans (Timothy Sykes & Other Gurus)

Tim Sykes is offering 50%+ off annual plans: CLICK HERE.  (This is a limited time offer)
Hey bud.
I saw your NAMG tweet and web post.I had a question about TimAlerts. As I’m thinking about joining. But seems to me it’s all about short selling. I’m a long trader and wondered if it’s even worth it. Other then the obvious avoid the stocks everyone plans to short lol.

Thanks in advance.

Hi xxxxxx,
Thanks for your reply and nice to meet you. For quite a while now (1-2 years maybe), Tim Sykes actually goes long more than he goes short.  He will occasionally short pumps like LIFS and VEND, but not very often anymore.
TimAlerts is not all about shorting, definitely not. Me personally am more of a short seller, that is why when I tweet about it, it’s usually short bias. Mostly because I am short selling fraudulent stock promotes, ones that I bet will eventually collapse.
So I would welcome you to TimAlerts, it’s not all about short selling. He even has a “Happy Thanksgiving!” promotion on right now, which can save you 50%+ off the annual plans (Use Coupon code: GOBBLE).