$GOFF THC Therapeutics, leading technology company in the legal #Cannabis industry

CEO of GOFF, Brandon Romanek, ‏said this on Oct 14 2016: THC Therapeutics will be a thriving publicly traded company. PR will come & when I am able to comment I for sure will. $GOFF has had no PR.

Business Description: THC Therapeutics, Inc. is a leading technology company in the legal Cannabis industry, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The Company’s initial product is the dual-purpose, patent-pending dHydronator (TM) with SanitiZen (TM) technology. This device dehydrates and sanitizes. Its principal application is the expeditious dehydration of cannabis and home grown herbs. The Company plans to expand its dHydronator (TM) line with various sizes aimed at both personal and commercial applications in the near future. Currently, the most popular way to dry cannabis can take ten to 14 days. This traditional process is far too time consuming. Our product reduces that time from weeks to hours. The sanitation technology works on anything put in the chamber. Eliminating most bacteria, germs, dust mites and surface mold. Our company plans to actively seek opportunities to expand within the Cannabis industry, and alternative healthcare.

The following SEC 15-12G filing received on Jun 29, 2016 means that the company will not get suspended for not having filed recent financial statements about the company.  In other words, the stock shouldn’t get halted for not keeping their 10Q and 10K current.  http://www.otcmarkets.com/edgar/GetFilingHtml?FilingID=11464552

I like the long term chart, if one can purchase the shares cheap enough, it could make for a potential 10 bagger.

$GOFF monthly-chart-10-16-2016
$GOFF monthly-chart-10-16-2016