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#HappyThanksgiving Save 30-60% off regular price, LEARN HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE MOST RELIABLE PENNY STOCK PATTERNS! http://bit.ly/2QhQfzi @TimothySykes @profitly @super_trades #BlackFriday2018 $ABIL $QD $ZN $ANY $CANF $MDXG $BCRX $AAPL $GOOG $FB $MSFT $F $INTC $C $T $TSLA $AMZN

I subscribed to @TimothySykes #pennystock #trading service back in 2012, I was a member for 2 years http://bit.ly/2QhQfzi. The trading methods which I learned through this service have helped me along my path of becoming a consistently profitable trader. I do recommend his educational products and services.

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You will learn how to identify companies which are hyping their stock, which causes the share price to become artificially inflated. Thus you will find companies such as $VIBI where you look to sell short around the highs of $2.00 and then look to buy-to-cover your shares back around $1.00 into the massive sell-off. You will need the right stock broker in order to participate in these types of stock plays and you will learn which broker to use from Timothy Sykes service. VIBi is a stock which I recently had a nice 50% profit on my trade by doing exactly what Tim teaches with his trading method.

Happy #Thanksgiving Save 30-60% @TimothySykes #pennystock #trading services. #BlackFriday2018 https://profit.ly/sales/turkey?aff=2295

If you are interested in learning from him as well, follow this link to see all the products available along with the 30-60% savings, http://bit.ly/2QhQfzi

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