$QTMM what goes up… must come down.

[10:06AM]DazeTrader: $QTMM is being pumped, it is being manipulated higher by the “iHub/twitter” pumpers. It should make for a good short sell very soon. Yesterday it slipped down to 0.22 from highs of 0.28 just a day or two ago.

[10:09AM]DazeTrader:This guy “Emylers” is a pumper and wrote this post this morning to pump QTMM, http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=1611093. I also checked his twitter and confirmed he is a pure pumper. https://twitter.com/Emylers. He also pumped HPNN at one point, and many other failures I’m sure.

[10:09AM]DazeTrader:I am short 2500 shares from 0.2688 this morning.

QTMM has a 52 Week Range of $0.033 to $0.281. Right now the last trade is at $0.27. You tell me, is it easier for a stock like this to keep moving higher… or come back down to earth? Now of course it also depends on how much the stock promoters will pump and push this stock, but their attempts to push the stock higher seem to be coming to an end.


We often see large 100K or 200K offers very abruptly come down on the offer and create mini dumps or flash crashes in the stock… such as yesterday when it dipped down to $0.22.

Here is a post from the QTMM iHUB board: QTMM No supply shortage. There are 10 different MM’s offering shares from 27 to 29 cents. It’s a demand issue. http://bit.ly/1l71xvn

Here is a 5 minute video of some level 2 trading action in this stock.