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Have you heard about the Cape Town water crisis in South Africa? It’s been receiving some major attention in the news over the last few days:
** Cape Town restricts residents to 50L of water daily as crisis spreads to other cities **
** Cape Town Water Crisis, cuts limit on #water use by nearly half as ‘Day Zero’ looms **

A company by the name of Quest Water Global Inc. could be in a position to bring some aid to this dire situation in Cape Town.

Business Description: Quest Water Global Inc., and it wholly-owned operating subsidiary Quest Water Solutions Inc., is an innovative water technology company that provides sustainable and environmentally sound solutions to water scarce regions. Quest uses proven technologies to create economically viable products that address the critical shortage of clean drinking water in developing countries. Our goal is to address the vital issue of water quality and water supply by providing an alternative, sustainable source of pure water at the smallest possible environmental cost to global areas in need, while becoming a leading company in providing turn-key solutions using alternative energy for the purification, desalination, and distribution of clean drinking water.
Source: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/qwtr/profile

Quest Water Global Inc.

stock trades publicly on the US OTC market, ticker symbol $QWTR